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 How to cheat at Monopoly

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How to cheat at Monopoly Empty
PostSubject: How to cheat at Monopoly   How to cheat at Monopoly EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 2:50 pm

Ever wonder why you are losing at Monopoly every time you play? Well, now you can win, but it must be by using dishonest methods.

1) Make sure you are the banker, as this will give you a reason to be by the money.

2) Place the bank behind you so no one can reach it. This will make them give you the money first.

3) Every so often, instead of putting the money in the bank, set it under you, then secretly, take it out and put it in your stash of money.

4) Roll the dice, then quickly say any number you want (without letting them see the dice) and pick up the dice quickly afterward.

5) Be creative. There are many ways to cheat, but how you carry them out is what counts.

6) Always be on the look out for other cheaters, and/or people who are looking around (so you know when to cheat)

7) Also, try to deal out the money at the beginning of the game, treat yourself to a few more twenties (above that amount will be too noticeable)

If you are a good cheat, following these steps, you will soon be winning every game of Monopoly.

A) Prepare for the game by setting out cold drinks. Put the best "free ticket or anything" chance card in your pocket (if you have one) or sleeves when setting up the game.

B) When playing, ask them if the other player(s) are thirsty. Tell them that you're so thirsty. Make sure they say no.

C) Get a cold drink. Go back with the drink, and say that they look like they are so thirsty. They should agree, and when they're getting their drinks, put the "good" chance card on the deck of chance cards.

D) When you reach the "Chance" square, get it and say you're lucky

E) You cheated!

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How to cheat at Monopoly
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