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 Boardwalk Bum's Game Review

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Boardwalk Bum
Boardwalk Bum

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PostSubject: Boardwalk Bum's Game Review   Boardwalk Bum's Game Review EmptyMon Feb 11, 2013 10:00 pm

So me, my girlfriend, my brother and his wife sit down and play this game after I brought it over to there house last night. We were all taken back by the new things in this version. I thought the new developments were an interesting addition, although I regret to inform that I was the only one to try and build one and that no one ever landed on my restaurant.

The DVD sketches were entertaining, although the News Reels that you get to watch when you roll a TV on the dice ran out while we were just entering the second phase of the game. The community chest and chance cards are interesting, although I noticed that the majority of the ones that people got last night were negative. In fact, the reason I went bankrupt was b/c I drew the equivalent of the 'You Are Assessed for Street Repairs' and had to pay $800,000!!! I was bankrupt two move laters. Sad

Overall, it was an enjoyable gaming session. After we tabulated all the money and property in fortune tokens, my brother was declared the winner. A good time was had by all. The only downside was the dependence on the DVD. I wish thee was a way to play without it. Otherwise, I found it thoroughly enjoyable. If asked, I would definitely recommend it for something to do with family during the holidays.
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Boardwalk Bum's Game Review
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