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 Boardwalk Bum's review on Free Parking

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Boardwalk Bum
Boardwalk Bum

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Boardwalk Bum's review on Free Parking Empty
PostSubject: Boardwalk Bum's review on Free Parking   Boardwalk Bum's review on Free Parking EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 6:25 am

Never played this one when I was a kid, so everything was fresh and new to me when i purchased it on e-bay not too long ago. I like this game because it is shorter to play than a regular game of monopoly and very easy to learn. Also, because no dice are used, me and my girlfriend play it late at night without worrying about bothering anyone.

Like most card based games a certain amount of luck is required, however to win the game you will need to use strategy. For example, just b/c you have sixty minutes on your meter, you may want to think twice about dropping that sixty point card, or otherwise you might have a date with Officer Jones.

The only thing that leaves me perplexed about the game are the second chance cards. Initially, I thought it was a great thing that I could draw one whenever i liked, that is until I found that many of them have effects that are hardly desired. I would only recommend using them if it is late in the game and you are far behind in points.

Overall, this is a fun game that can be played in a short amount of time. The only downside that I can think of is that the game only comes with four meters so barring some creativity or the purchase of another set, the game is limited to only four players.
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Boardwalk Bum's review on Free Parking
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