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 Boardwalk Bum's Review of Monopoly Millionaire

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Boardwalk Bum
Boardwalk Bum

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Boardwalk Bum's Review of Monopoly Millionaire Empty
PostSubject: Boardwalk Bum's Review of Monopoly Millionaire   Boardwalk Bum's Review of Monopoly Millionaire EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 11:29 pm

I think I might be hooked to this game. I played against my girlfriend, who was cleaning up on property. A few of the fortune cards let her build houses for free and pretty soon, she was rolling in real estate. Too bad she did not see me sneakily crossing over 'GO' several times. I only had Motor Drive and Gadget Wharf, plus Dream Avenue and she owned almost all the other properties, so you can imagine the stunned look on her face after I crossed 'GO' again and declared that I had won. Shocked She had me count the chips three times, each time nodding her head in disbelief. scratch I like this version b/c it gives the player that has unlucky rolls and doesn't land on the good properties to still win the game. Exclamation Very Happy Exclamation
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Boardwalk Bum's Review of Monopoly Millionaire
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