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 Boardwalk Bum's Review of Rich Uncle

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Boardwalk Bum
Boardwalk Bum

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PostSubject: Boardwalk Bum's Review of Rich Uncle   Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:35 pm

While scouring E-Bay for a copy of the Stock Exchange Add-on, an expansion to classic monopoly, I came across this very old game that I had never heard of. Luck enough, I found a copy for seventeen dollars, even though others were priced around eighty five. Sensing a good deal and wanting to try out this game, I instantly bought it and forced my girlfriend to play it with me after it arrived in the mail.

Just like the real stock market, the stock prices in this game can fluctuate wildly, dramatically altering the course of the game. The first game ended rather quickly. Perhaps fives minutes. The first Market Value card was only $100 and with $10,000 in starting money, my girlfriend merrily went about buying different stocks cheaply. That all changed after I rolled doubles and the Market Price changed. The increase in price was drastic, from $100 to $10,00 and b/c you are forced to buy stock in the company you roll, she went bankrupt in another two turns.

The second game was much closer, both of us having gotten the hang of it by now. The starting Market Price was $7,500 and I had to immediately sell back all the stocks I started with after only two turns. Then my girlfriend rolled doubles and the price fell to $4,000. I was burning through my last cash reserves were quickly now, but luckily I rolled doubles and the Market Price fell to $1,800.

However after two unlucky rolls in which I had to pay my girlfriend for one of her blue stocks, I was nearly wiped out. Embarrassingly, I was down to only a few hundred dollars and a stock card worth $500, so when my next turn came up I could not afford the $1,800 I owed and went bankrupt. We are not playing Tropical Tycoon as a tie breaker.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. The game can be either very short or very long, depending on the market price and how you manage your stocks.

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Park Place Princess

Park Place Princess

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PostSubject: Re: Boardwalk Bum's Review of Rich Uncle   Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:09 am

Can't believe how fast I lost that first game! Well.. that's the market for you. Sad
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Boardwalk Bum's Review of Rich Uncle
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